What is Cumberland School of Biblical Studies?

Cumberland School of Biblical Studies is a certified off campus satellite school of Sunset International Bible Institute. The home of SIBI is in Lubbock, TX. 

How are classes conducted?

At the moment, classes are conducted at Cumberland in two sessions - spring and fall. These courses are arranged in 12-week sessions each. 

Classes meet at the Cumberland Church of Christ on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30. Click here to see the spring 2019 schedule.

Class begins with a review. Then the class views a 28-minute video on the subject from one of SIBI's teachers. Following the video, there is a short break before a period of discussion and instruction. This period is about 45 minutes.

Is this for men and women?

Yes. These classes are offered to both men and women alike. The exception would be preaching classes, which are strictly for male Christians. 

What levels of study are available?

Most will audit these courses. The student interested in studying the Bible without earning any formal degree, can simply audit the courses. This student will not be required to take any exams, memorize any Scriptures, or write any papers.
Any test papers, memorization, or any other work done by the Audit student should not be sent to the Sunset External Studies Department for grading!
The Audit student will be required to: 

  1. Purchase the Study Guide.  
  2. Complete the self-exams in the Study Guide.  
  3. Participate in the class discussions. (This will provide valuable reinforcement needed for long term retention). 



The student interested in more in-depth study and training is encouraged to enroll in this Certificate of Basic Bible Studies level of study. 

  1. There is a $30.00 tuition fee for each course. Each course has a three-hour value. 
  2. A one time Application Fee of $25.00. (non-refundable)  
  3. Purchase the Study Guide and complete the self-exams in the
    Study Guide, and there may be some reading assignments.  
  4. Participate in the class discussions. Missing more than two (2) class sessions could disqualify a student from receiving credit toward a certificate.

This level of study is the most demanding. The student will be required to memorize more passages of Scripture, conduct additional readings including assigned course textbook(s). There are also research, theme and evaluation papers to write. (See assignments in the front of your Study Guide)

The requirements for this certificate are the same as for the (Bachelor Degree) however, the cost is somewhat less. 

  1. There is a $20.00 cost per credit hour tuition for Certificate applicants. ($60.00 per course)  
  2. A one time Application Fee of $25.00 is required and is non- refundable.  
  3. Upon completion of 20 courses, students may apply for an “Associate Certificate of Advanced Biblical Studies.”



The Bachelor level of study is the most demanding. It involves all the requirements of the Certificate level plus extra assignments. The Bachelor of Biblical Studies student will be required: 

  1. There is a $30.00 tuition fee per credit hour. Each course has
    a three-hour value. ($90.00 per course) 
  2. A one time Application Fee of $25.00. (non-refundable)  
  3. Purchase the Study Guide and complete the self-exams.  
  4. The student will be required to memorize additional passages
    of Scripture and be able to either write them out or quote them to their Administrator.      
  5. Conduct additional readings including assigned course textbook(s), research, theme and evaluation papers to write.  
  6. Participate in the class discussions.  
  7. Take the written exams.  
  8. Upon completion of 20 courses, at the Bachelor level, the student may apply for an “Associate Degree of Biblical Studies.”

Call our office for more information.

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How Can Bible Studies from SIBI and CSBS help me?

Our bible courses from SIBI have been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of people. Whatever your background or your situation, we think you'll find online bible courses here that will meet you where you are:

  • I'm not of the Christian faith
    Get to know the life and teachings of Jesus, and find out the reasons why so many believe in Him.
  • I'm a new Christian.
    Explore the foundations of the faith that will launch you into a lifetime of discipleship and in-depth bible study.
  • I'm a growing Christian.
    Enhance your knowledge of the word of God, as well as your ability to put it to good use.
  • I'm a Christian leader.
    Find out ways to minister more effectively while digging into the deeper treasures of God's word.
  • I teach bible classes.
    Our online bible classes are an excellent resource for background material as well as biblical application of the material.
  • I want to be a minister or missionary
    Since 1962, Sunset has been training ministers and missionaries to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Earn the complete Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree and be prepared for a lifetime of service to God.

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Reasons to Attend Our School and How to Get Started


Cumberland School of Biblical Studies is certified with SIBI. This means that anyone who attends our satellite school can potentially receive the same degree. SIBI was established in 1962 by its founder, Cline Paden. Formerly, Sunset School of Preaching, SIBI has taught thousands of students from around the world. Currently, it has satellite schools in 46 of the United States. It has 54 Associate Schools in 90 nations. 

Bible Courses


Bible courses include every book of the Bible and topics in between. You will enjoy the depth of study these classes bring. The instruction is engaging, practical, and life-changing.

For a full list of courses, go to Curriculum/Courses.

Deepen your knowledge of God's word.


We are living an a period of time when God's word is less and less a part of the consciousness of our culture. If there was ever a time when we need a thorough and practical knowledge of what God has revealed to us, it is today. 



The Satellite School schedule is designed with busy schedules in mind. Contact Darrell Wallace if you are interested in learning more about how to fit this course of study into your schedule. 

Off-Campus Opportunity


The Satellite School program  is perfect for someone who cannot take time out to attend a residential school. You can study from the comfort and convenience of your home and at your own pace. The advantage of a satellite school verses a strictly online program is having an administrator who is knowledge and experienced right there with you.

Earn Your Bible Degree


Sunset International Bible Institute offers four levels of achievements

  1. Certificate for auditing courses
  2. Certificate for Advanced Biblical Studies
  3. Bachelor of Biblical Studies
  4. Master of Biblical Studies

To learn more, go to the Master's Degree website.


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